Marco Bagagiolo

I approached photography when I was very young and I got my first Nikkormat.

Since then I have exposed so much film by catching moments, capturing perceptions of landscapes and common people immortalized in the light of the moment. And I often preferred black and white exposure for its incredible expressive strength.

I was born in Catania from the encounter of two geographically distant souls, one coming from the deep south of Italy and the other from north eastern Italy. Their different sensitivity can be found in my approach to life, partly instinctive and partly rational, spiced up with lots of curiosity.

Some years ago I married an authentic Neapolitan woman and now I am a happy father of two little, live wire rascals. Apart from running after my children, I do like listening to music, to all kinds of music, from classical to rock, and reading good books. Both are concentration exercises that make me think and relax at the same time. Riding my bicycle is the sport I like most, and I try to do it in between my innumerable family and work duties.

Studying and working in Italy for years, and travelling abroad using all sorts of transportation, from hitchhiking in the Irish moorlands to the Japanese shinkansen, made me develop and experiment a personal viewpoint of image technique and taste. When I came back to Catania, I met Marco Ficili, whom I permanently work with. Thanks to his consistent support, I have improved my technical and creative skills. In addition, thanks to the modern potentials of digital photography, I can express various feelings and emotions, aiming at reflecting the kaleidoscopic aspects of life, from daily activities to big events.

Through stimulating cooperation, Marco Ficili’s staff initiated me into photojournalism applied to wedding photography, an exciting and incredibly modern style that I have immediately adopted.

Happy life!