Gregorio Sgarlato

Nine years ago, during a holiday in Egypt, while reading an article in the Jack magazine about “Bridge” cameras, I had my first encounter with photography. At that time, I had no idea what an exposure meter was!

Once I came back to Catania, I immediately bought a Bridge camera, the one described in the article, and it all started from there. My passion for photography naturally evolved into a frenetic crescendo of increasingly stronger emotions and passions.
Over the years, I have read tons of books about photography ranging from technical readings to essays and biographies of famous photographers. I have observed millions of photographic images and never satisfied my curiosity.

My way of looking at the world around me has changed; it has become more critical and selective. I can no longer watch a film as I did before. My mind is captured by images, and I continuously observe and study the composition and the lighting scheme. A sort of wonderful disease. But it is only after watching a film twice or three times that I can often be fully ravished by the story.

Meeting Marco was a natural evolution of me being a photographer. One day I offered to work with Marco, with lots of hope but little belief that he would accept. It was, instead, with great enthusiasm that Marco accepted my offer, and since then I have made a quantum leap in the world of Photography.
Thanks to Marco I had the opportunity to experiment wedding photojournalism. I was immediately fascinated and excited by this style. Wedding photojournalism allows me to express my photographic bedrock. Feeling a photo, looking at it and then stopping it forever at that magic moment – which is neither earlier nor later – is a wonderful emotion and an unparalleled satisfaction.

In the meantime, I got my Bachelor of Science in Geophysics and I followed and cultivated another passion: playing tennis.

For several years I played tennis at a competitive level, achieving good results and placing high in competitions. Later, I turned my passion for tennis into a job, and today I am both a photographer and a tennis instructor.

I live in Pedara, a small town on the slopes of Mt. Etna, with my gorgeous wife Luana and my son Francesco, a wonderful, very lively and demanding two-year-old child, who puts me through an extremely tiring but pleasant tour de force!

I hope I will meet you guys and have the chance to tell your love story.
See you soon!