Ado Buemi

I was born in Messina, but I live in Catania, my adopted city. About 15 years ago I moved to Catania for work reasons. Catania is a beautiful city, and I was immediately fascinated by its colours, smells and great contrasts.

I brought my knowledge and my desires to Catania, but above all my will to assert my personality in my job, with friends and among people. I joined some photography associations and there I met numerous photography lovers. We exchanged views, argued and supported each other with the only aim of growing together.

I am married and I am a very busy dad of a boy, Tommaso. Being a father has given me an edge over other photographers as I have grown to be highly sensitive. If anyone asked me what my life motto is, I would say: “In everything I do, I try to be creative and do it in a different way. I try to explore the unknown in order to be innovative, to invent and always create something new”.

Among my passions, arts, reading and sports are my favourite, but above all photography. A passion that I have had since I was a child. Driven by my curiosity I used to follow my father and his Rolleiflex. I was enchanted by the camera, the strange click of the shutter at every snapshot, and above all the energy and happiness emanating from that black box every time he decided to take a photo. I have always been fascinated by the opportunity to catch the instant, to immortalize moments of joy and remember them in the future.
Portrait photography is the style I definitely prefer. I am happy when through my photos I can express feelings and emotions that will stay forever alive in those people who will look at them.

Enjoy the light!