A wedding story

A Wedding story - Marco Ficili - Advertising & Wedding PhotographerA unique day, expected for years and planned for months. Emotions and feelings focused in just few hours. Places, objects, faces, bodies, scenery, moments. Can we stop time? Yes, if we can follow it. If we can feel it, listen to it.

We do it in our photographic services, picturing natural beauty, revealing true emotions without posing. Through real, natural, elegant images, arising from spontaneous emotions.

Top photographers co-operate with our studio, in Italy and abroad. They all speak English.

Our photographers: Barbara Perotti Casagrande, Marco Ficili, Ado Buemi, Gregorio Sgarlato, Marco Bagagiolo.

Tau Visual Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti
WPJA Wedding Photojournalism Association