Garden Ceremony Taormina – Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano

The Big Day! Renate e Moa

30 November 2018 Wedding

Garden Ceremony Taormina – Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano. Renate and Moa are from Norway, but they are both in love with Sicily, so they chose Taormina as the perfect place to celebrate their Big Day. They got married outside the antique Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano, in order to enjoy the beautiful garden around them.

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Belmond Timeo Wedding _Taormina_photographer_luxury_hotel_venue_sicily

I LOVE YOU! Eleonora and Livio

16 November 2018 Wedding

Belmond Timeo Wedding – Taormina. Eleonora and Livio are in love with Taormina, an antique and charming little town. Moreover, Livio has his roots into the wonderful land of Sicily! They couldn’t choose a better place for their wedding day. Eleonora and Livio got ready in the magnificent Grand Hotel Timeo, a glamorous luxury hotel in the heart of Taormina, a corner of paradise nestled near the Greek Theater.

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Mauro, Glenda e Carlotta – Happy Family!

2 November 2018 Portrait

Happy Family Portrait – Mauro and Glenda got married a few years ago and I had the great pleasure of being their wedding photographer. We created such a great feeling! We felt just like friends, more than just a customer and photographer’s relation. That’s why we met again for a photo family shooting, together with their gorgeous daughter: Carlotta.

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Dancing Wedding in Taormina! Lauren & Andrea

26 September 2018 Wedding

Lauren and Andrea were utterly seduced by the beauty of Taormina, set within the wonderful Mediterranean Sea. When they laid eyes on the Hotel La Plage, they knew this was the place they were to celebrate their wedding. The couple wed in a charming church in Taormina, Church of St. Pancrazio, fulfilling their dream of a true Italian ceremony and then they were whisked away to enjoy their stunning surroundings.

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Wedding Madonna della Rocca Taormina

Wedding Madonna della Rocca Taormina – For ever! Antonio e Selena

18 May 2018 Wedding

Wedding Madonna della Rocca Taormina – Antonio and Selena chose the Sanctuary of Madonna della Rocca with its gorgeous view of Taormina, to get married. A corner of true paradise. Selena got ready with her family and friends, and once she got dressed with her white and elegant wedding dress, she looked as the most beautiful bride ever!

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English Wedding Taormina _photographer_best_sicily_500_car_fiat_vintage_hipster_kis_bride&groom

English Wedding Taormina – 500 times I DO! Katie and Nicholas

27 April 2018 Wedding

English Wedding Taormina – A gorgeous wedding day for Katie and Nicholas! They chose Taormina and its gorgeous Grand Hotel Timeo to celebrate their English Wedding Day with family and friends. Katie got ready in one of the luxury rooms of the Grand Hotel Timeo, toghether with her lovely family, while Nicholas was walking down to the ceremony location with his groomsmen. They were amazing in their hipster suits!

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Villa Mon Repos Wedding _taormina_sicily_catania_top

Villa Mon Repos Wedding – A wonderful day! Giuseppe and Paola

14 April 2018 Wedding

Villa Mon Repos Wedding – Giuseppe and Paola were utterly seduced by the beauty of Villa Mon Repos in Taormina and they have also chosen the picturesque, antique little Church of Varo’, hidden amongst the alleys of Taormina, to celebrate their Sicilian Wedding. Paola got ready in the luxury rooms of Villa Mon Repos. She chose a stunning white silky gown with beautiful intricate beading embellishment extending onto the back of the gown.

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Wedding Catania _photographer_videographer

Wedding Catania – An unforgettable day! Bianca and Tore.

29 March 2018 Wedding

Wedding Catania – Bianca and Tore were utterly seduced by the magnificent Church of San Giuliano, an elegant example of Sicilian baroque in the antique centre of Catania. Bianca got ready in one of the luxury rooms of the Baia Verde Hotel, a gorgeous hotel overlooking the Cyclops sea, on the way from Catania to the lovely little town of Acicastello.

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Summer Wedding – Catania e Taormina

23 March 2018 Wedding

Summer Wedding – Ufficialmente all’inizio dell’estate manca ancora un pochino, quindi siamo in tempo per darvi qualche consiglio per organizzare un matrimonio estivo con stile!
Dimenticate i soliti temi e date sfogo alla vostra fantasia: l’estate, infatti, sbottona anche i colletti più rigidi e concede agli sposi libertà e freschezza, con idee più difficili da realizzare in location al chiuso. Una cena e una festa alla luce di infinite candele, di forme e grandezze diverse, composizioni floreali ricche e colorate, lanterne appese qua e là sono gli ingredienti per un matrimonio estivo all’insegna del romanticismo.

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Cefalu Wedding – I love you! Sergio and Mariapina

10 March 2018 Wedding

Cefalu Wedding – Sergio and Mariapina were utterly seduced by the beauty of Cefalù, set within the wonderful seaside, just a few miles from Palermo. When they laid eyes on the Villa Rosa in Bagheria, they knew this was the place they were to celebrate their wedding. The couple wed in a charming church in Cefalù, Chiesa del Purgatorio, fulfilling their dream of a true Sicilian ceremony.

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Winter Wedding in Catania – Palazzo Biscari e Palazzo Manganelli

8 March 2018 Wedding

Winter weddings are gorgeous, even if many people still think that they are not so romantic… well, it’s not true, because there are so many good reasons to get married in winter time. There is nothing more romantic than a lit fireplace, the romantic light of hundred candles, kissing under the mistletoe, the first dance in the antique hall of a wonderful palace.

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Fireworks Wedding Taormina _belmond_villa_santandrea_lovely_chic_luxury_top_photographer_photos

Fireworks Wedding Taormina – Let’s get married! Joe and Janan

20 February 2018 Wedding

Fireworks Wedding Taormina was the most beautiful day of Joe and Janan. They have chosen the Sunny Sicily and the breathtaking view of the gulf of Taormina for their wedding. Janan got ready at the Hotel Villa Sant’Andrea, together with family and her bridesmaid. She looked stunning in her white wedding dress, when she left the hotel with her father to go to the Church of Varὸ.

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