18 January 2016 Commercial

Oxidiana Food – The timeless elegance of sushi and the contemporary taste of the amazing cocktails prepared by the professional Oxidiana staff, contributed to the realization of a colorful and intriguing food photography shooting. I realized the photo shooting on location, inside the urban chic temple of sushi and sashimi in Catania.

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Food Photographer _villa_sant_andrea_taormina_pubbilità_advertising_food_photographer_best_marco_ficili

Food Photographer – Villa Sant’Andrea

3 December 2015 Commercial

Food Photographer – This food photography shooting was realized at the Villa Sant’Andrea Hotel gourmet Restaurant, where international glamour meets the Mediterranean taste. Therefore, I chose white porcelain plates to highlight the fresh food and the Chef’s expertise.

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Le ricette di Gilda

15 November 2015 Commercial

Food Photography – A Mediterranean menu is made of happiness, harmony and it’s full of colours! Gilda is a Home Chef and her culinary delights are traditional menu with a touch of personality, such as the linguine turban with black sepia or the evergreen spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil. Such a delicious gluttony! I realized a shooting with an intense country atmosphere!

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Food Photography _san_bartolo_photo_foto_buone_still_life_pubbilità_advertising_food_photographer_best_marco_ficili

Food Photography – Villa San Bartolo

23 July 2015 Commercial

Food Photography – I realized the images for the gourmet restaurant of Villa San Bartolo, a corner of true paradise in the Ragusa countryside, together with the owner of the villa: Corrado Trombatore and with the young and valuable Chef Marco Failla.

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