Jewish Wedding Taormina _Sicily_timeo_belmond_etna

Jewish Wedding Taormina – Let’s get married! Owain and Samantha

1 December 2017 Wedding

Jewish Wedding Taormina – Owain and Samantha celebrated their wedding in Taormina, a true corner of paradise, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It was an unforgettable day and it was a true pleasure for me to be their wedding photographer.

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Country Chic Wedding _Noto_Sicily_Catania_country_happy_best_wedding_photographer_photography

Country Chic Wedding! Erin and Scott

4 November 2017 Wedding

Country Chic Wedding for Erin and Scott! Both in love with Sicily, they choose the Sicilian villa of Erin’s parents, a gorgeous farmhouse in the middle of the blooming countryside of Siracusa. A corner of true paradise for Erin and Scott’s wedding!

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Intimate wedding in Taormina _Sicily_Italy_best_top_famous_wedding_photographer_taormina_Council Hall_greek_Theater_marco_ficili

Intimate wedding in Taormina – Happy Wedding! Mary and Frank

21 June 2017 Wedding

Intimate wedding in Taormina – Mary and Frank are both Americans and they chose Taormina to celebrate their most beautiful day, because they love Italy and maybe because Frank’s surname is …. Taormina! Their families have their roots in Sicily and they’ve always loved our romantic and beautiful Country!

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Wedding ceremony Villa Taormina Gardens Sicily

Wedding ceremony Villa Taormina – Alexander and Sarah

3 May 2017 Wedding

Wedding ceremony Villa Taormina – Alexander and Sarah elected Taormina as their own special place. They chose the gorgeous gardens of the “Villa di Taormina” and the wonderful sicilian spring to celebrate their wedding. They said their wedding vows, while their beautiful

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Intimate wedding Villa Sant’Andrea Taormina

Intimate wedding Villa Sant’’Andrea Taormina – Summer Wedding, Jasmine and Matthew

22 February 2017 Wedding

Intimate wedding Villa Sant’’Andrea Taormina was exactly what Jasmine and Matthew wanted to do, since they have decided to get married. Therefore, they chose Taormina to celebrate their wonderful wedding. Jasmine got ready at the Hotel Villa Sant’’Andrea, together with her gorgeous mother and the beautiful bridemaids.

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Country Chic wedding Siracusa

Country Chic wedding Siracusa – Shabby Chic Wedding! Gemma and Sean

27 January 2017 Wedding

Country Chic wedding Siracusa – Gemma and Sean are both in love with Italy, so it was so natural to get married in Sicily, especially in the big villa of Sean’’s family. A typical Sicilian farmhouse in the countryside of Siracusa, that Sean’s parents changed into a gorgeous villa, a corner of true paradise!

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Civil Ceremony Taormina

Civil Ceremony Taormina – Chic Wedding! Chiara and Andrea

21 January 2017 Wedding

Civil Ceremony Taormina – Chiara and Andrea chose Taormina to celebrate their most beautiful day. They got married at the antique Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano. Chiara got ready in one of the elegant suite rooms of the Villa Sant’’Andrea Hotel, together with her lovely mother and her best friend.

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civil wedding palazzo duchi taormina _photographer_best_sicily_italy_eljebel_taormina_hotel_palazzo-duchi-di-santo-stefano_marco_ficili

Civil Wedding Palazzo Duchi Taormina – Let’s get married! Rebecca and Alexander

27 September 2016 Wedding

Civil Wedding Palazzo Duchi Taormina, the romantic ceremony of Rebecca and Alexander was held in the famous 14th century Palace of the Dukes of Santo Stefano (Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano), a masterpiece of Gothic Art, with Sicilian elements of Arab and Norman art.

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Sicily Wedding Photographer

Sicily Wedding Photographer – Always & Forever, Chris and Marjorie

27 March 2016 Wedding

Sicily Wedding Photographer – Marjorie and Chris fulfilled their dream of a romantic wedding full of love and passion in Sicily, choosing the wedding venue Villa La Limonaia in a perfect Sicilian style.

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