Acireale Wedding _hora_loca_catania_sicily_best

Acireale Wedding – Hora Loca! Massimo and Nicole

8 February 2018 Wedding

Acireale Wedding was Massimo and Nicole’s choice. The young couple got married in Acireale. The pearl of the sicilian Baroque, a masterpiece of art. Together with her lovely family, Nicole got ready at the Villa Itria in Viagrande, a beautiful hotel near Mount Etna.  Once she was ready, she ended up to Acireale in order to reach the antique Church of SS. Pietro and Paolo.

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Villa Antonio Venue Taormina _Sicily_over the sea_ breathtaking_amazing view_photographer

Villa Antonio Venue Taormina – Let’s get married! Lucy and Paul

23 January 2018 Wedding

Villa Antonio Venue Taormina, the romantic ceremony of Lucy and Paul was held in the famous Palace of the Dukes of Santo Stefano (Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano), a masterpiece of Gothic Art, with Sicilian elements of Arab and Norman art.  Back in old times, the Dukes of Santo Stefano di Briga and Princes of Galati were the owners of this magnificient Palace.

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Jewish Wedding Taormina _Sicily_timeo_belmond_etna

Jewish Wedding Taormina – Let’s get married! Owain and Samantha

1 December 2017 Wedding

Jewish Wedding Taormina – Owain and Samantha celebrated their wedding in Taormina, a true corner of paradise, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It was an unforgettable day and it was a true pleasure for me to be their wedding photographer.

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Birthday Party Sicily _taormina_happy_love_family_photographer

Birthday Party Sicily – Let’s have a party! Sarah & family

27 November 2017 Portrait

Birthday Party Sicily – Sarah and her beautiful family chose Sicily, as their holiday destination in Italy. Excited about our country and about the opportunity to spend their Summer holiday together, they decided to get a photographic shooting on a special day: her brother’s birthday.

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Fireworks – Villa Sant’Andrea

10 November 2017 Uncategorized

Fireworks – The strong sicilian sun shining and the blue sea have completely seduced Joe and Janan. So they choose Taormina to celebrate their wonderful wedding. They got married in the Curch of Varò, a gorgeous church hidden among the attractive alleys of Taormina

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Country Chic Wedding _Noto_Sicily_Catania_country_happy_best_wedding_photographer_photography

Country Chic Wedding! Erin and Scott

4 November 2017 Wedding

Country Chic Wedding for Erin and Scott! Both in love with Sicily, they choose the Sicilian villa of Erin’s parents, a gorgeous farmhouse in the middle of the blooming countryside of Siracusa. A corner of true paradise for Erin and Scott’s wedding!

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Stylish family photos _Taormina_Catania_Sicily_best_top_photographer

Stylish family photos – Happy Family!

10 September 2017 Portrait

Stylish family photos – This beautiful family chose Sicily to spend an unforgettable summer holiday and Marco Ficili Photographer to capture dad’s special birthday! Taormina, as their holiday destination in Italy

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Family Pictures _portrait_photos_photographer

Family Pictures – Happy Wedding Anniversary!

25 July 2017 Portrait

Family Pictures – Martha with her beautiful family chose a spectacular villa on the rocky Naxos beach of Taormina. A truly magic location, where they spent their summer holiday, celebrating the 50 wedding anniversary of their Italian grandparents.

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Lovely Family _studio_indoor_portrait_catania_best_top_photographer_photos_kids_family_pictures

Lovely Family!

10 April 2017 Portrait

Lovely Family – The family portrait shooting of Laura, Enzo and their beautiful daughter Sara, was a burst of joy. Sara is pure energy! She loves playing, jumping and dancing and she already knows what kind of music she likes!

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Wedding Varò church Taormina

Wedding Varò church Taormina –- The Big Day! Jihane and Bassem

8 February 2017 Wedding

Wedding Varò church Taormina was the Big Day of Jihane and Bassem. They have chosen Taormina to celebrate their wedding day with family and friends. Jihane got ready for the wedding day with her mother and sister in one of the gorgeous hotels in Taormina

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Wedding Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano Taormina

Wedding Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano Taormina – Elena and Antonio

30 December 2016 Wedding

Wedding Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano Taormina – Elena and Antonio both chose Taormina to celebrate their most beautiful day! They got married in the old heart of Taormina.

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orporate Photographer Catania

Middle summer night’s dream…

18 October 2016 Commercial, Corporate

Corporate Photographer Catania – The photographic service that I realized for the annual gala dinner of the Italian Company Amplifon was the right occasion to show to those who don’t know the Catania, the potentiality of an antique city and the opulence of a great and historic building: The Biscari Palace.

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