Wedding Taormina Varò church _photographer_best_top_famous_chic_Sicily_villa antonio_kiss_bride&groom

Wedding Taormina Varò church – The Big Day! Blake and Yvette

4 January 2018 Wedding

Wedding Taormina Varò church was the Big Day of Blake and Yvette. They chose Taormina to celebrate their wedding day with family and friends. Blake and Yvette chose their best friends to get ready for the wedding day, that is why a gorgeous Best Woman walked Blake to the church and an amazing Man of Honour helped Yvette with her getting ready.

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La Plage Taormina Wedding _sicily_italy_taormina

La Plage Taormina Wedding – The most beautiful day! Luigi and Amalia

24 November 2017 Wedding

La Plage Taormina Wedding was the most beautiful day of Luigi and Amalia. They live in London, but they have chosen the Sunny Sicily and the breathtaking view of the gulf of Taormina. They both got ready with family and friends.

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Destination Wedding Ravello – I love you! Carma and Christopher

Destination Wedding Ravello – I love you! Carma and Christopher

23 March 2017 Wedding

Destination Wedding Ravello – Carma and Christopher found their own corner of paradise in Ravello. An amazing little town along the Amalfi Coast, with gorgoeus landscapes and remarkable places, just like a precious small reign. They chose the solemn Ravello Cathedral, in the centre of the famous panoramic viewpoint square,

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Intimate wedding Villa Sant’Andrea Taormina

Intimate wedding Villa Sant’’Andrea Taormina – Summer Wedding, Jasmine and Matthew

22 February 2017 Wedding

Intimate wedding Villa Sant’’Andrea Taormina was exactly what Jasmine and Matthew wanted to do, since they have decided to get married. Therefore, they chose Taormina to celebrate their wonderful wedding. Jasmine got ready at the Hotel Villa Sant’’Andrea, together with her gorgeous mother and the beautiful bridemaids.

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Matrimonio Villa Anna _fotografo_photographer_matrimonio_ Wedding Modica Villa Anna _video_drone_bravo_best_marco_ficili

Wedding Modica Villa Anna – Happy Wedding! Laura e Carmelo

9 April 2016 Wedding

Wedding Modica Villa Anna is the magic place where Laura and Carmelo celebrated their most beautiful day! They chose the magic and charming mood of the Baroque city of Modica and Villa Anna, rich of amazing landscapes together with a precious history.

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Wedding Taormina - photographer_best_hotel_timeo_greek_theatre_sicily_italy_marco_ficili

Wedding Taormina – Magic night in Taormina, Kamilla and Robin

20 March 2016 Wedding

Wedding Taormina – A couple of years ago, Kamilla and Robin spent an unforgettable holiday in Sicily and they both fell in love with Taormina, one of the most beautiful and magic places of this stunning land. When they decided to get married, they chose Taormina to celebrate the best day of their life.

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Blessing Ceremony Taormina _wedding_photographer_best_matrimonio_fotografo_taormina_italy _timeo_teatro_greco_marco_ficili

Blessing Ceremony Taormina – The most beautiful day, Noah and Naomi

15 March 2016 Wedding

Blessing Ceremony Taormina – Noah and Naomi have chosen Taormina to celebrate the best day of their life together. My Studio was chosen to tell a unique and wonderful day. A day to remember for ever.

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Blessing Ceremony Taormina _photographer_video_videographer_wedding_bride_timeo_hotel_belmond_best_marco_ficili

Blessing Ceremony Taormina – Let’s Party! Aleks and Sonja

3 March 2016 Wedding

Blessing Ceremony Taormina is what Aleks and Sonja celebrated “en plein air” on the Terrace of the Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina, overlooking the sea and with at breathtaking view of the antique Greek Theater. A corner of true paradise! It was a gorgeous sunny wedding ceremony.

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Taormina Wedding Photographer _timeo_hotel_belmond_best_video_sicily_italy_marco_ficili

Taormina Wedding Photographer – Red Passion, Elizabeth and Todd

29 February 2016 Wedding

Taormina Wedding Photographer – Elizabeth and Todd chose Italy and Taormina to fulfill their dream of love. In one of the hotel suites of the Grand Hotel Timeo, Elizabeth put on her wonderful lace wedding gown, completed with a long veil and a pair of her favourite Jimmy Choo shoes!

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Wedding Baronessa Taormina - photographer_best_sunset_Etna_view_night_baronessa_marco_ficili

Wedding Baronessa Taormina – A special day, Nancy and David

27 January 2016 Wedding

Wedding Baronessa Taormina – A beautiful couple: Nancy is Italian and David is French. They both elected the old heart of Taormina as the special location of their wedding and chose the old little church of San Giuseppe and the classy Restaurant La Baronessa.

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Family Portrait Photographer Catania _allegro_divertente_bello _marco_ficili_001-

I Love My Family

26 December 2015 Portrait

Family Portrait Photographer Catania -This is exactly what Erika and Ernesto wanted for their beautiful family. Their family portrait shooting was a burst of joy, vitality and beauty. They love playing, creating and they just love challenges! Erika and Ernesto had been thinking about a professional family portrait for quite a long time. They didn’t want the usual “nice” and posed family portrait.

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Family Photoshoot _studio_ritratto_bimbi_bambino_famiglia_nonni_catania_bianco_nero_glamour_migliore_bravo_professionale_fotografo_marco_ficili

Family Photoshoot

29 November 2015 Portrait

Family Photoshoot – Salvatore and Renata wanted a gift for their family and for grandpa and grandma, a never ending memory: a family portrait. They didn’t want a posed family portrait. They wanted a free and joyful picture of them showing their true attitude.

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