Marco, You should be really proud of your work as we say from looking at your portfolio you do it with passion. I saw your webpage and pages of others and i knew i am in trouble. I didn't want any other person doing photography for us. I only managed to put our wedding photos online yesterday and I am sending you more responses i got from friends: - "Beautiful photos!! Such a good celebration!! X" Sarah. - "Ania, Your wedding photographs are amazing! Actually it made me cry when I was flicking through them on the bus this morning on my way to work. You can see clearly the whole story... You can feel emotions of everybody.... " Helena. - "thanks for photos - they are excellent - they must have had a very professional photographer - with a very good eye - lovely ones of both of you at the cermony - it was such a beautiful wedding take care" Denise. - "The photos are truly beautiful. U looked stunning on the day but then u always do. I asked Kevin earlier would it be possible to copy all the photos on to a USB key I Want to print and frame some, I like them so much" Tony. - Ania & Kev, I am blown away by the photos. Can't believe they captured the day so spectacularly! Well done & worth whatever they cost. Unbelievable! So enjoyed looking at them. xxxG - Hey Guys, no need to respond. I just had to say that I'm blown away by the quality of the photos. I honestly didn't think it was possible to capture the magic of yer big day but they do. Looked through them again this am and was transported back to Zinna. Little piece of heaven the whole experience. Ye should be so proud of yourselves. Happy weekend & big loves to Abi xxx Marco, we love the photos ourselves hugely :) Thank you one more time and Good luck with your work Marco. Regards, Anna & Kev