Palazzo Corvaja wedding pictures – Taormina mon amour! Erika and Gabriele

13 June 2019 Wedding

Palazzo Corvaja wedding pictures – Erika and Gabriele are both in love with Taormina, an ancient and yet glamorous little town! Maybe this is why Gabriele decided to open his own restaurant in Taormina, carrying out his job with passion and dedication, sharing with Erika this adventure with great enthusiasm. Therefore, they couldn’t choose a better place for their wedding day. 

Erika chose one of the beautiful rooms of the Grand Hotel Timeo, a corner of paradise nestled against the Greek Theater. She got ready together with her beautiful bridesmaids and her lovely family, in a joyful and laid-back atmosphere. 

In the meantime, Gabriele walked with his groomsmen to the ancient Church of St. Caterina, where he waited for his guests. Beautiful in her stunning wedding gown, Erika walked with her proud father to the antique church, while Gabriele was impatiently waiting at the altar. At the end of a lovely ceremony, family and friends welcomed Erika and Gabriele on the churchyard with a colourful rice and petals throwing, for good luck! 

Soon after, the wedding couple reached the antique Palazzo Corvaja, just a few steps from the church, for a couple of romantic pictures.Then, together with their guests, they walked along the lively main road of Taormina and reached the Aphrodite  Terrace of the Grand Hotel Timeo.  They cheered friends and family under a spectacular full moon, during a romantic candlelight wedding dinner.  At the wedding cake cutting, Erika and Gabriele danced their first dance, and right after they all went for a crazy dancing party,  dragging everybody into the most beautiful wedding party!