Luxury wedding venue Taormina – Chic Wedding! Laura and Pietro

11 May 2019 Wedding

Luxury wedding venue Taormina Laura and Pietro both live and work in Catania. For their most beautiful day, they had no doubt and chose Taormina, getting married in the antique Church of St. Caterina. Laura got ready in one of the elegant rooms of the Villa Sant’Andrea Hotel, together with her lovely family and best friends.  Beautiful in her stunning wedding gown, an elegant long sheath dress, Laura reached the Church of St. Caterina with her proud father, while Pietro was waiting at the altar.

The guests attended a lovely ceremony and Laura and Pietro crowned their dream of love. Right after the ceremony, Laura and Pietro together with their friends and family walked down the main road in Taormina, Corso Umberto, creating a cheerful and colourful wedding procession! After few minutes they reached one of the old city gates of Taormina, where their car was waiting to take them to the Villa Sant’Andrea Hotel.

Laura and Pietro celebrated their wedding party at the Villa Sant’Andrea Hotel, a true corner of paradise by the sea, where they danced and enjoyed their big day, overlooking the unique view of the gulf of Taormina.