3 October 2019
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Talè Wedding Taormina

Tale Wedding Taormina for Eric and Hannah! Both in love with Sicily, with the sea and the volcano Etna, they choose this land to make their wedding unforgettable. They have planned their big day in the villa of Talé, a gorgeous farmhouse in the middle of the blooming Sicilian countryside.
18 September 2019
Matrimonio elegante Taormina - Destination Wedding Taormina-

Destination Wedding Taormina

Destination Wedding Taormina - Karen and Brian chose Villa Sant’Andrea Hotel in Taormina to celebrate their most beautiful day. Karen got ready in one of the elegant suite rooms of the hotel, together with her beautiful bridesmaids. She was gorgeous in her stunning wedding gown, a soft white dress with a sensual and modern touch, that made her even more beautiful.
24 August 2019

Funny Wedding Taormina – Let’s have fun! Mariel and James

Mariel and James’ Sicilian Wedding was absolutely beautiful. Think about Sunny Sicily and a group of incredible friends, naturally-lit everything and lots of laughs. How about that for a wedding?
8 August 2019

Enjoy your wedding Taormina – Let’s get married! Federica and Vincenzo

Enjoy your wedding Taormina - Villa Sant’Andrea Taormina Wedding was the most beautiful day of Federica and Vincenzo. They have chosen the beautiful Taormina and the Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea Hotel, a gorgeous 19th century villa, overlooking the gulf of Taormina for their wedding.
6 July 2019
Matrimonio Palazzo Manganelli

Sicilian Wedding, Antonio and Debora

Antonio e Debora are both from Sicily and they couldn’t help but choosing Sicily for their big day. A happy couple so much in love! They had chosen the sicilian Baroque art of Catania to celebrate their lovely wedding day and my Studio to photograph their big day.
13 June 2019
Sposi Palazzo Corvaja

Palazzo Corvaja wedding pictures – Taormina mon amour! Erika and Gabriele

Palazzo Corvaja wedding pictures - Erika and Gabriele are both in love with Taormina, an ancient and yet glamorous little town! Maybe this is why Gabriele decided to open his own restaurant in Taormina, carrying out his job with passion and dedication, sharing with Erika this adventure with great enthusiasm. Therefore, they couldn’t choose a better place for their wedding day.
12 June 2019
Donna Moderna Matrimonio Ebraico Taormina

Sicily, a special place for wonderful weddings by Donna Moderna.

Sicily weddings by Donna Moderna - Sicily, a special place for wonderful weddings by Donna Moderna. The magazine Donna Moderna selected my photographic atelier to describe the true wedding reportage. It has been a pleasure receiving such a recognition from a great magazine like Donna Moderna.
28 May 2019
Matrimonio Trecastagni

Sicilian Wedding Etna – Happy Wedding! Cecilia and Federico

Sicilian Wedding Etna - Cecilia and Federico had chosen our Studio: Marco Ficili, because they loved our Wedding Photojournalistic style and they wanted an elegant and true photographic story of their big day. Cecilia got ready in her charming family villa on the slopes of Mt. Etna, together with her family and best friends.
11 May 2019
Santa Caterina Taormina Matrimonio Fotografo

Luxury wedding venue Taormina – Chic Wedding! Laura and Pietro

Santa Caterina Taormina - Laura e Pietro sono entrambi avvocati e vivono e lavorano a Catania, ma per il loro giorno più bello non avevano dubbi e hanno scelto Taormina, sposandosi nell’antica Chiesa di Santa Caterina. Laura si è preparata in una delle eleganti suite dell’Hotel Villa Sant’Andrea, in compagnia della sua famiglia e delle sue amiche del cuore. Bellissima nel suo meraviglioso abito da sposa...


A face, a moment, a detail that will last forever in your mind is precious as time passing. And the photo shoot turns into an ethereal space, full of light, or into a walk through the park or a beach at sunset, living the same emotion again with a single glance.

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