The Big Day! Renate e Moa

30 November 2018 Wedding

Garden Ceremony Taormina – Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano. Renate and Moa are from Norway, but they are both in love with Sicily, so they chose Taormina as the perfect place to celebrate their Big Day. They got married outside the antique Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano, in order to enjoy the beautiful garden around them.

Renate got ready in one of the elegant suite room of the Grand Hotel Timeo, together with her lovely mother and her best friends.  Beautiful in her stunning wedding gown, a soft long sheath dress, Renate reached the noble Palace Duchi di Santo Stefano with her proud father

In the meantime, Moa was impatiently waiting on the threshold of the ceremony hall. The guests attended a lovely, beautiful humanist ceremony, a dream come true for the wedding couple.

Right after the ceremony, Renate and Moa celebrated their wedding party with friends and family at the Grand Hotel Timeo, a true corner of paradise near the antique Greek Theater, where they danced and enjoyed their big day, overlooking the unique view of the gulf of Taormina.

While enjoying the great wedding dinner, Moa’s friends, who was a famous Norwegian soccer player,  enriched the party with lots of fun stories about their numerous adventures in and out hundreds of soccer fields.

Garden Ceremony Taormina Palace Duchi di Santo Stefano

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