Getting married in Taormina _wedding_love_ceremony_ashbee_hotal_mocambo_best_marco_ficili

Getting married in Taormina – Lovely Wedding Day, Marta and Rupert

2 March 2016 Wedding

Getting married in Taormina is what Marta and Rupert have ever wished to do, since they get engaged. They both fell in love with Taormina, one of the most beautiful and magic places in Sicily.

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Taormina Wedding Photographer _timeo_hotel_belmond_best_video_sicily_italy_marco_ficili

Taormina Wedding Photographer – Red Passion, Elizabeth and Todd

29 February 2016 Wedding

Taormina Wedding Photographer – Elizabeth and Todd chose Italy and Taormina to fulfill their dream of love. In one of the hotel suites of the Grand Hotel Timeo, Elizabeth put on her wonderful lace wedding gown, completed with a long veil and a pair of her favourite Jimmy Choo shoes!

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Rehersal Party Taormina - photographer_videographer_best_party_wedding_sea_beach_night_candles_magic_romantic_capo_taormina_marco_ficili

Rehersal Party Taormina – Fiesta! Noah and Naomi

27 February 2016 Wedding

Rehersal Party Taormina – The bay of Taormina is such an amazing place! It is a magic corner for celebrating a special, lively, unforgettable party.

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Country Chic Wedding - photographer_best_sicily-taormina_masseria_vintage_catania_marco-ficili

Country Chic Wedding – A lovely vintage Wedding, Anton e Katya

24 February 2016 Wedding

Country Chic Wedding – Anton and Katya have chosen Sicily for their gorgeous wedding, especially the luxuriant Sicily countryside and Mt. Etna, the biggest volcano in Europe.

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Wedding Amalfi - photographer_love_best_convento_hotel_ristorante_marina_grande_italy_marco_ficili

Wedding Amalfi – Dream Wedding, Joseph and Erika

20 February 2016 Wedding

Wedding Amalfi is what Joseph and Erika have ever dreamed! They have chosen Amalfi, their own corner of paradise in Italy, to celebrate an intimate ceremony with their family and close friends.

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Modica Wedding _fotografo_photographer_wedding_sicily_best_bravo_migliore_marco_ficili

Modica Wedding – Country&Chic! Maria and Giuseppe

19 February 2016 Wedding

Modica Wedding of Maria and Giuseppe was chosen because they love Modica. A magic and both antique land, with amazing landscapes together with a precious history, the pearl of the Sicilian Baroque.

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Getting married in Sicily

Getting married in Sicily – A Sunny Wedding, Barbara e Francesco

17 February 2016 Wedding

Getting married in Sicily was exactly what Barbara and Francesco wanted to do, since they have decided to get married. Therefore, they chose Taormina to celebrate their stunning wedding.

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Anglican wedding Taormina _fotografo-photographer_best_bravo_migliore_mocambo_church_anglican_wedding_marco_ficili

Anglican wedding Taormina – A lovely winter fairytale, Andrew and Debbie

16 February 2016 Wedding

Anglican wedding Taormina of Debbie and Andrew was a lovely winter fairytale. It was celebrated in the romantic St. George’s Anglican Church in Taormina, overlooking Naxos gulf, on 30 of December. Moreover, the newlyweds have been blessed by a gorgeous sunny day. A typical sicilian winter day!

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Wedding Baronessa Taormina - photographer_best_sunset_Etna_view_night_baronessa_marco_ficili

Wedding Baronessa Taormina – A special day, Nancy and David

27 January 2016 Wedding

Wedding Baronessa Taormina – A beautiful couple: Nancy is Italian and David is French. They both elected the old heart of Taormina as the special location of their wedding and chose the old little church of San Giuseppe and the classy Restaurant La Baronessa.

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wedding photographer palermo best

Wedding Photographer Palermo – Sicilian Wedding, Gianfranco and Lidia

27 January 2016 Wedding

Gianfranco and Lidia both live in Palermo, one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily and yet full of contradictions, strongly denounced by the famous Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia, Gianfranco’s grandmother. A big family devoted to art and photography.

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Sicily Wedding Photojournalism, photographer, pedara, sicily, wedding, best, marco, ficili

Sicily Wedding Photojournalism – The most beautiful day, Roberto and Paola

9 January 2016 Wedding

Sicily Wedding Photojournalism – Roberto and Paola moved to Milano from Catania. Roberto is a doctor and Paola is a publicist, but they had no doubt about their wedding: it had to be in Sicily and it had to be our Studio: Marco Ficili. They love our Wedding Photojournalistic style and they wanted an elegant and true photographic story of their big day.

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Catania Baia Verde Wedding _fotografo_wedding_video_bravo_best_migliore_videografo_marco_ficili

Catania Baia Verde Wedding – Wedding Made in Sicily! Giorgia and Marco

8 January 2016 Wedding

Catania Baia Verde Wedding is the wedding venue where Giorgia and Marco have celebrated their Big Day! They had no doubt about their wedding: it had to be in Sicily and it had to be our Studio Marco Ficili. They love our Wedding Photojournalistic style and they wanted an elegant and true photographic story of their Wedding day.

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