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Big Ben – London

15 January 2016 Senza categoria, Personal

I owe to the city of London a lot, both professional and personal, and from a pure photographic point of view. It’s a metropolis that inspired me and helped me.

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Creative Photography _art_personal_light_sea_mare_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili


5 December 2015 Personal

Creative Photography – I am impressed by the pictures of Piero Guccione. There is such a deep poetic sensitivity that captures and involves me.

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Landscape Photography _onde_wave_blu_mare_sea_creative_art_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili

Onde nel Blu

9 November 2015 Personal

Landscape Photography – The sea in Winter time is almost a classic for a photographer. At least it’s a classic for me. Raining and waves on the seaside have always been an irresistible recall to those who love images or words.

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Modica _fotogiornalismo_sicily_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili


9 October 2015 Personal

Modica Pictures – I was born in Modica. It’s the place most dear to my heart. I always go back to Modica to recharge my batteries and to admire what I already know, and that will always attract me.

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wind _creative_art_sea_mare_picture_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili


1 September 2015 Personal

A windy day at the end of Summer. A sequence of pictures that gives a sense of home and protection, taken while the lace curtains were dancing in front of me.

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