Editorial _vogue_magazine_wedding_matrimonio_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili

Il Matrimonio Perfetto

13 December 2015 Magazines

Editorial – The Perfect Wedding by Vogue Bridal, awarded our studio with an article of the category “It really happened”, which revealed the excitement of a true reportage: the Wedding Photojournalism. The starting point was given by the wedding photographic service that I realized together with my partner Barbara Perotti Casagrande, for Maria Francesca. A radiant and cheerful wedding, a detailed description from the choral ceremony to the spontaneity of the party!

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Wedding Editorial _sposa_bella_vogue_magazine_wedding_matrimonio_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili

Sposa Bella

26 October 2015 Magazines

Wedding Editorial – Some of the wedding photos of Juliette and Matthew, who celebrated their wedding in Panarea, were published with the article Italian Wedding of Vogue Beautiful Bride (Sposa Bella Vogue), which showed how much brides and grooms love Italy.

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Harpers _bazar_magazine_wedding_matrimonio_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

13 September 2015 Magazines

Harpers – Harper’s Bazaar The wedding photographic service that I realized for Juliette and Matthew really went around the world! The bride is a famous interior designer in Sidney, Australia, and when she decided to get married in Italy, she attracted the curiosity of many fashion magazines. After few months from their wedding, our photos were published by Harper’s Bazaar, with an article about her wedding, which was celebrated in Panarea, Aeolian Islands, and with many detailed information on how to celebrate a true Italian and Mediterranean wedding.

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Sicily Wedding _tutto_sposi_ragusa_ibla_magazine_wedding_matrimonio_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili

Tutto Sposi

18 August 2015 Magazines

Sicily Wedding – Tuttosposi is a wedding magazine founded by the chief editor Salvatore Caracciolo, a big expert of the wedding world. I realized some editorials for Tuttosposi magazine in some of the most beautiful sites in Sicily: Ragusa Ibla, Taormina, Erice and Acitrezza. Among so many amazing wedding gowns, I had the privilege to shoot the photographic service of the gorgeous wedding gowns created by the designer Amelia Casablanca, key players of the Iblea old town centre: the Cathedral and the precious Donnafugata Theater, whose picture was selected as the cover magazine of Tuttosposi of June 2009.

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Magazine _white_sposa_italy_magazine_wedding_matrimonio_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili

White Sposa

18 July 2015 Magazines

Magazine – White, one of the most sophisticated wedding magazines, chose some of the pictures of our photographic service of Filip and Femke’s wedding, a wonderful couple who elected Taormina as their love nest from Bruges, Belgium. An editorial dedicated to romantic Sicily and to our style both documentary and suggestive.

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White Editorial __sposa_italy_magazine_wedding_matrimonio_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili

White Sposa

19 June 2015 Magazines

White Editorial – White Sposa, one of the most original wedding magazines, published a gallery of images from my photographic services, realized in some of the most beautiful sites in Sicily: Lipari – Aeolian Islands, Taormina, Ragusa Ibla and the Norman Castle in Acicastello. Images with a touch of vintage!

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Magazine Photography _white_sposa_italy_magazine_wedding_matrimonio_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili

White Sposa

26 April 2015 Magazines

Magazine Photography – White Sposa marked an ideal itinerary from North to South through our pictures, highlighting the elegance and spontaneity of the Wedding Photojournalism, which has always distinguished our wedding photographic services, with a rich gallery of images from the Como Lake to Taormina.

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Vogue Sposa

26 September 2014 Magazines

Magazine Wedding – Micaela and Giuseppe have chosen our studio to tell the story of their wedding day and Vogue has chosen our pictures for their editorial “Per Davvero”! We are proud that Vogue selected our wedding pictures and so happy for Micaela and Giuseppe.

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