Friendly and passionate about telling your story through the art of photography.
We immerse ourselves into the wedding day, to make it unforgettable and returning it into something to take your breath away.


ZERO stress on the Big Day! After all these years, I would consider myself an expert in weddings. I will help you going through the schedule of the Day and find the perfect combination. I will be the extra help that can make things even better and easier. Your wedding day will turn out perfectly!
At the end of your dream wedding day, you will have the beautiful photos you want. Photos of you, of all the people you love, of those magic moments you lived and that crazy fun you had! You will get the story of the most important day in your life.

Portrait & Engagement

This is for you! When everyone else disappears and it’s just the two of you, before the big day. The engagement photo session can be a very romantic moment or a crazy and funny hour spent in your favourite place or posing in the studio, feeling good!
A portrait of you doesn’t mean that you have to act like somebody else, jumping or posing like a model. You will be YOURSELF at your very best! But if you want to feel like a super model or acting exactly like a Rock Star, well… you can do it! I do the job and you will have the portrait you ever wished for. It’ll be fun and at the end you will get the beautiful memory of a perfect moment dedicated to you.

Let’s capture moments that are about real life, on the most beautiful day of your life!

Marco Ficili

A never-ending surprise…a great emotion! This is how I describe my passion for photography.

I love true photography that tells without cheating, that reproduces the magic of a gaze or a heartbreaking landscape. This is exactly what I love and attracts me most in photography. Despite the numerous years and the various experiences I have had, photography can still surprise me.

I specialize in wedding photojournalism and in family portraits. I love being in contact with people I portray, establishing an emotional contact that allows me to discover your beauty, passion and feelings. In my opinion, this is the only way to create pictures that talk about you, pictures that you will love at first sight, because I really portray YOU.

I was born in Italy, in a small city called Modica, a noble, ancient and in some features modern town, full of history, traditions and contradictions. Its light, its shadows and the velvet touch of the sun going down are always present in my photos. I have always taken plenty of pictures, discovering various viewpoints, numerous lights and magic atmospheres.
My clients love my photographic services as they stand out for their spontaneous and at the same time evoking style and I appreciate my clients since they choose what really moves them.

I’m always inspired by love. Human beings are not a static expression of themselves, they are everything and the opposite of everything. They can be happy, different, lovely, sarcastic, shy, bold, funny, melancholic and much more and I just love taking pictures of all this.

Thanks to my job, I had the pleasure to be mentioned, awarded and published by WPJA “Wedding Photo Journalism Association”, TAU VISUAL, White Sposa and Vogue Sposa.

Barbara Perotti

Photography is my choice. I choose to love the world around me, translating my feelings into images.

I love travelling. I am particularly fascinated by Scandinavian countries, which I found heartbreaking and gloomy, but lively at the same time. The light and mood of the Scandinavian environment make me feel an uncurbed compulsion to take photos and I don’t make any distinction among portrait, landscape and street photography.

What I really love to do is taking pictures of people. People I meet on the street, total strangers or friends. It’s great making contact with smiles, glances and all those little gestures that make us unique and unrepeatable.

No wonder I soon found myself into the wedding photography, embracing the documentary style in one true love!

Catching the moment to show joy, happiness and everything that happens on the wedding day, is what turns reality into magic. When I take pictures of couples in love, I have the rare opportunity to create images where emotion is clear and powerful.

I was born in Foggia, a small city of our beautiful Puglia in Southern Italy and I lived between Rome and Catania for a long time. Moving from one city to another so often, made me understand how important flexibility is and that changing is above all a great opportunity.

Over the years, some of my photos have been published on specialized wedding magazines, like White Sposa and Vogue Sposa.

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