Marco Ficili

A never-ending surprise…a great emotion! This is how I describe my passion for photography. A relationship born when I was a boy and never ended. It captivated me so much that it has become my job. I love true photography that tells without cheating, that reproduces the magic of a gaze or a heartbreaking landscape.

I was born in Modica, a noble, ancient and in some features modern town, full of history, traditions and contradictions. Its light, its shadows and the velvet touch of the sun going down are always present in my photos. Childhood is deep-rooted in everyone’s soul. No matter how far you go, no matter whom you share your life with, your origins will always be part of yourself. You only need to be willing to listen to them.

I live in Catania, where I attended Principe Umberto di Savoia high school specializing in science. When I graduated from high school, I often travelled seeking “Photography”. I like letting myself get carried away by photography. Most of the time there is neither a precise idea nor a fixed itinerary, but I know that there is always a new destination, something new and different to be discovered, tasted and passed down.

This is exactly what I love and attracts me most in photography. Despite the numerous years and the various experiences I have had, photography can still surprise me.

I have always taken advantage of any chance to travel and go explore Europe. I have taken plenty of pictures, I have met various photographic souls, discovered various viewpoints, numerous lights and atmospheres. I have unconsciously absorbed their being, and all of this has become Marco Ficili today.

My technical education has followed a more conventional path. Thanks to photography schools and courses, I had the opportunity to visit and live in cities like Milan, Florence, London and Berlin.

Some years later I met Barbara, with whom I share my life and my passion for photography. This prevents us from recognizing any boundaries between our job and free time. But we like it this way! With a job like ours, which is a passion more than a duty, it could not be otherwise.

I like the sea and I go to the seaside every time I can. I love travelling and visiting new places, ranging from smaller and less popular centres to big metropolises of our time. I like playing tennis and I relax reading novels or essays about … guess what? … Photography, of course!

I also have a passion for cooking. I try out and look for new solutions in cooking, as well! Eventually the dishes I prepare are only experiments for my wife and myself… and maybe it is better so!

In 2000 I opened my photography studio in Catania, the city I live in. I started working in advertising, in the publishing industry and studio portrait photography. My staff and I managed to make a niche in traditional wedding photography, by imposing truth and spontaneity as watchwords of our way of conceiving wedding photography.

I have instinctively deconstructed some of the classical patterns of traditional wedding photography by re-establishing the centrality of the event and its protagonists.

My clients love my photography services as they stand out for their spontaneous and at the same time evoking style. And I love my clients since they can distinguish, they can appreciate and choose what really moves them.

I had the pleasure to be mentioned, awarded and published by WPJA “Wedding Photo Journalism Association”, TAU VISUAL, White Sposa and Vogue Sposa.

Did I get any awards? Some, the right ones for an excellent résumé!

What else?

Barbara Perotti Casagrande

I was born in Foggia and I lived between Rome and Catania for a long time.

After graduating from high school specializing in modern languages at Liceo Linguistico Sant’Orsola in Catania, I attended the EFG College in Worthing (UK), where I obtained the High Proficiency Certificate in English language and literature.

Later, driven by my passion for photography, I decided to go to London and Milan and attend some photography courses, such as Photojournalism, Studio Portrait Photography, Still-life and Food. It was a great opportunity that allowed me to turn my concept of photography into a job … and to meet Marco.

I met Marco by chance, on a dance floor at a private party. We started dancing together as if we had known each other for a long time. We immediately liked each other. Later we got married and now we live in Catania. We share both a life and our work, which is more a real passion than a simple job and, like every passion, has become one with our daily lives.

Besides photography, I also like watching films, especially spy and social condemnation ones. They might not have anything in common with each other, but that’s the way I am … I love things and people that are apparently poles apart. I am a hearty eater and I love cooking. Therefore, I have to keep fit by doing sports. I have always run, but lately I have also done Pilates, an excellent combination of physical and mental exercise!

I love travelling. I am particularly fascinated by Scandinavian countries, which I found heartbreaking and gloomy, but lively at the same time. The light and mood of the Scandinavian environment make me feel an uncurbed compulsion to take photos. I do not make any distinction among portrait, landscape and street photography; everything becomes whole and a new style generates, that I would define as “Life style”.

I have accomplished my photography training by conducting an in-depth study in composition and lighting; mainly thanks to the experience gained at the atelier that I own together with my husband, Marco Ficili.

I started working in photography by embracing the style of photojournalism, since it was the innate evolution of my way of conceiving photography. Travelling on business in Italy or Europe is not a problem for me.

Some of my photos have been published on specialized wedding magazines (White Sposa and Vogue Sposa).

What else should I say? Cheese…!!! See you soon.