Timeless details… can stop time.


Looking for a wedding photographer? It may seem easy to find one, but it’s not always like that. Don’t settle for less than you deserve, because your Day is special and unforgettable, full of emotional and joyous moments, that you wish they could last forever.

The best photographer can catch a smile, a gesture, a moment, turning them into something unique and extraordinary.





A picture is not just a simple image, but it’s something that can express yourself, your future plans, your desire of being at your best, because today’s market and consumers want the best they can get.

Creating an effective advertising campaign means attracting others attention through a detail, which triggers curiosity and makes the difference.

This is why our photographers’ slogan is “attracting, communicating, getting to remember”. Please come to our photographic studio to learn more.



A face, a moment, a detail that will last forever in your mind, living the same emotion again with a single glance.

Making a portrait means evading time and changes, in order to give a piece of eternity. A tradition appreciated since ancient times, that today can get the top quality of modern photography and printing technologies.

A gift for everyone or for yourself, that no one has to give up.



Marco Ficili

I have always conceived my studio as something between an atelier and a workshop, a place where I could receive my friends, passionate about photography or simply eager to know something about the world of photography, and my clients, who often become my friends!

The studio is located in the city where I live and work: Catania. The studio is divided into two main areas: the reception room, which is actually a comfortable sitting room, a place to chat and talk about plans and photography services, before a good cup of coffee; and the shooting area. It is the place where I have taken pictures on behalf of companies and private clients.