The image of a perfect moment can make a special day unforgettable. A moment that we would never want to let go or forget, but it’s often overwhelmed by the frenzy of our everyday life. Capturing these moments to return them into an image that fills the eye of the beholder with pure emotion, is what we do best.

Telling your story is our inspiration.

About Marco & Barbara

ZERO stress on the Big Day! At the end of your dream wedding day, you will have the beautiful photos you want. Friendly and passionate about telling your story through the art of photography.


From the Journal

14 April 2021
Intimate Wedding Villa Mon Repos, photographer

Intimate Wedding Villa Mon Repos

This post is also available in: ItalianoIntimate Wedding Villa Mon Repos – Sergio and Daisy got married on a gorgeous October morning in Taormina, one of […]
16 November 2020
Elopement Taormina, love, wedding, top photos

Elopement Taormina

This post is also available in: ItalianoElopement Taormina – Laura and Adam are surely one of the most amazing, beautiful and incredible couples we ever met. […]
7 May 2020
Wedding Atlantis Bay-Taormina-photographer-bet-top

Wedding Atlantis Bay

Wedding Atlantis Bay - Dario and Rosanna both live and work in Milano, but for their most beautiful day, they had no doubt and chose Taormina, getting married in the antique Church of St. Caterina. Despite the fact that Laura is not Sicilian, she is in love with Sicily. She’s in love with the bright light of the sun, with the blue Mediterranean Sea, that makes everything beautiful and magic.

From Kind Words

  • Annalisa & Carmelo
    Marco can capture the emotion at a glance, happiness in a smile, joy in a teardrop, all crowned by a perfect harmony of colours. Marco makes a true art out of photography. I recommend him not only for his professionalism but also for his discretion, elegance and perfection.
    Annalisa & Carmelo
    27 July 2019
  • Carrie & Steve
    Marco, Just wanted to reach out again and thank you for the absolutely incredible photos! You and your staff truly captured the spirit of our love and wedding day with each shot. The photos were everything I ever dreamed of and will help us remember our special day forever! Thanks again, Carrie & Steve
    Carrie & Steve
    11 October 2019
  • Linda & Carlo
    Ciao Marco, The photos and video are amazing!!!!!!! :) You really did an outstanding job!!!! Thank you from both Carlo and I from the bottom of our hearts!! :) We just finished watching the video together and looked through the photos and really just cherished each one. They are spectacular and we are so impressed by your quality of work! You and your team went above and beyond and we couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you SO much for preparing this early so we could show our family tomorrow at thanksgiving!! So wonderful and so beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you. We are truly happy!!! :) With many thanks to you and your team :), Linda and Carlo
    Linda & Carlo
    24 September 2019
  • Juliana & Fernando
    Marco simply overcame our expectations as far as registering  the very special moments of our wedding celebration is concerned. His level of details and professionalism makes him unique and therefore I fully recommend him to any kind of event where high quality pictures are desired. Fernando Pardal
    Juliana & Fernando
    24 July 2019
  • Rachel & Vito
    Dear Marco, I think we have watched our wedding video at least 3 times a day and the pictures are absolutely stunning! It has brought tears to my family and friends. We could not have asked for a more beautifully captured wedding day.
    Thank you so much, Rachel and Vito
    Rachel & Vito
    26 June 2019
  • Tamara & James
    Marco. You and your team were more than wonderful. We were guided through our special day and it all felt so super special. The team were incredible and your leadership, organisation and creative skills shined through. Thank you so very much. Tamara and James xx
    Tamara & James
    29 May 2019
  • Eleonora & Livio
    How do you know who's going to be the right photographer for your wedding? It's easy: you just follow the emotion you feel at every single picture. Every photo uploaded into Marco Ficili's website is incredibly powerful. In our life we've never worked with professional photographers, except on our wedding day.  As soon as you start talking with Marco for the first time, you realize that he knows what he's doing. He's a talented photographer, together with his staff. He perfectly knows his job, the surrounding environment (in our case it was Taormina) and he knows how to get his way. My wife and I just let him do his job... also because we're not professional models. He's is really a nice person, always smiling. He caught "real emotion" without being noticed...that's how it is, emotions and not just pictures. You will always remember the wedding day, but the photographer will let you live again and again every single moment of that wonderful day. Grazie Marco, Livio & Ele
    Eleonora & Livio
    19 May 2018
  • Mariapina & Sergio
    I am happy to share my thoughts about Marco and Barbara. When I first started planning my wedding, I was sure that I would have chosen the exclusive team of Marco Ficili! I had the opportunity to know him through a friend of mine, who was exhilarated about her wedding photographic service. I was curious, so I checked his website and it was "love at first sight", his pictures talk about love, happiness, elegance and  spontaneity. You can actually feel the passion for his job, that he does with tact  and no intrusiveness or pressure at all on the bride and groom. I can't find a better way to describe him,  rather than "GUARANTEE" for an unforgettable event! Our wedding day was wonderful! We could clearly see the passion and professionalism, that it's not always easy to get together! After few months from our Wedding day, we have received our album... Spectacular!!! Thank you from the bottom of our heart for having shared our Big Day with us! Arrivederci! Mariapina and Sergio
    Mariapina & Sergio
    4 September 2017
  • Giuseppe & Paola
    Marco is not only a great photographer, he is much more than this. Careful, polite, discreet, reassuring:  qualities that shine in every single picture. His works tell about the Big Day and through the details, we can actually feel our most beautiful day again. There are many good photographers, but not many of them can seize and tell the story behind the pictures! When we met you, we were sure that we trusted a professional, but we couldn't imagine that you would have revealed much more. Great people, who relieved the tension with a smile and a funny joke and I could go on this way for every single attention that we have received on our Wedding Day. People may think that it's not important, on the contrary we are sure that these are indicators of how much love you put in your job, with amazing results. We couldn't have asked for more. Guys, you’re great! Giuseppe and Paola
    Giuseppe & Paola
    29 June 2017
  • Blake & Yvette
    Hi Marco THANK YOU SO MUCH for all our wonderful photos and the videos, which are incredible! All our families are loving seeing all these and they say what a beautiful job you have done and what great memories they bring back of the day. I have been using a few of them as Christmas presents! Warmest wishes, Blake and Yvette
    Blake & Yvette
    20 September 2017
  • Joanna & Jason
    Dear Marco, Thank you so very much for the beautiful photos and video! We love them so much! What a beautiful day! It took time to look at all of them! Thank you again for doing such a lovely job. We really enjoyed you as our photographer. We will definitely come back to Taormina throughout the years to come. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything! Joanna and Jason
    Joanna & Jason
    27 July 2017
  • Alex & Sarah
    Dear Marco,
    Thank you we received & successfully downloaded all the pictures. We are really delighted with all of them, you both did a fabulous job and really captured the essence of the day.
    It so lovely to have such fantastic pictures of a beautiful place and we are so glad to have chosen Taormina.
    Best wishes
    Sarah, Alex & Charlotte x
    Alex & Sarah
    30 March 2017
  • Gemma & Sean
    Hello Marco from Bali! We received the video and photograph files successfully and we cannot thank you and the team enough for what you have produced. The video is footage is stunning and the edit is just beautiful. You captured the emotions perfectly and I've already made Sean sit through it with me 3 times. It's very emotional reliving it again! Happy tears! The photographs are amazing, especially the ones of Sean and I. We are both really impressed, it's exactly what we wanted, thank you! We have shared the links with family and they are all delighted. Thank you again Marco, looking forward to seeing you again in June! Gemma and Sean :)
    Gemma & Sean
    7 October 2016
  • Emanuela & Antonio
    Marco I can't explain how I feel! It's a masterpiece!! Emotions... You caught every single moment of our happiness... We watched the video so many times, that we are almost addicted to it. Very good! You're great!! Emanuela & Antonio
    Emanuela & Antonio
    1 October 2017
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