Frequently asked questions


What is the meaning of “A Wedding Story”?

The Wedding day is an event to be documented and not “created”. In our photographic services we stop time picturing beauty and spontaneity, showing the emotions without posing, through real, natural, elegant images, arising from the spontaneous expression of the emotions. This means that our photographers’ job is that of capturing real moments, without interfering with the event.

Where can we meet you?

We meet our customers at the Studio in Catania, by appointment only.

Do you receive your customers by appointment only?

Yes, so that our customers can meet Marco Ficili to talk and analyze all the details, for a perfect wedding photographic service.

What is included in the photographic service?

We offer many different services: from the digital files only, to the album with 100/150 photos and to the online photographic book.

Is it possible to request a photographic service quote?

Yes. Please send us an email with all information about your wedding. You will soon receive our best quote.

What we need to do to reserve your photographic service for our wedding?

Please set up an appointment with Marco. He will reserve the date and prepare the contract, following all the details analyzed during the organization
of your photographic service. The deposit is due when signing the contract.

Is it possible to sign the contract and pay the deposit without meeting you?

Yes. We can send the contract by email. The customer will fill out the form, sign it and send it back to us by email or fax. Within 3 days, the customer has to pay the deposit by wire transfer. Credit card payment cannot be accepted, unless the customer can personally come to our Studio. As soon as Marco receives the payment and the signed contract, he will countersign it and send a copy back to the customer.

How many photographers will be at our wedding?

Two photographers usually execute the photographic service. Throughout the wedding there are so many different important moments full of emotion and happiness. Two photographers will be able to catch most of them. You can have a third photographer, upon request.

Which photographer will be at our wedding?

Marco Ficili or Barbara Perotti Casagrande will be the main photographer of your wedding, with a second photographer. When reserving your wedding photographic service, you can suggest your favourite photographer. We will try to accomplish your request.

Who will select the photos of the book?

Marco Ficili usually selects the photos and prepares the book layout. Telling a story by images requires a specific knowledge. The pictures must be coordinated in order to obtain a fluent and exciting story, from the first to the last page. If you want you can make your own photos selection.

Is it possible to choose the book?

Yes, you can choose your photograph album among many different high quality wedding books. Upon request, we will email the Pdf catalogue of our wedding books.

Which is the difference between “Processed” files and “Fine Art processed” files?

The “Processed” files are all the pictures taken throughout the wedding. The “Processed” files are good files with a standard process system. Curves and contrast are adjusted to be printed. The “Processed” files are in high resolution and they are all in colour, and they can be printed in any size. The “Fine Art processed” files are the 100/150 selected pictures of your wedding book. The “Fine Art pictures” are high quality files and are usually both colour and black & white. The “Fine Art” pictures are processed twice: the first time the files are treated with a standard process system, adjusting curves and contrast, and then we delete the possible skin imperfections, and we give a glamour touch to all the images. We will give you the “Processed” files and the “Fine Art processed” files in high resolution Jpeg format.

Do you take “Posed” pictures or upon request?

The wedding day is a special day that should be enjoyed as it unfolds, that is why we follow the wedding couple in an unobtrusive way. We take group pictures
upon request. Portraits are taken during the photo reportage, just like the other pictures.

Which guarantee do you offer to your customers?

We offer the quality and professionalism recognized by our customers and by the other operators. Please check our customers’ testimonials on our official
page. We are also members of the Wedding Photojournalism Association (WPJA) and Tau Visual association (National Association of Professional Photographers), whose members must respect a severe code of conduct. Our images are covered by SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers).

Do you provide the Wedding Film?

Yes. Our Wedding Film will tell the story of the wedding day in a fluent and elegant way. We create a beautifull and exciting video, that will last 20 minutes
approx. Please watch our Wedding Films on our official web site:

Is it possible to mail the Book and the DVD?

Yes, we will contact the carrier to send them. The forwarding charges are not included in the photographic service and they will be extra charged. The total
settlement must be paid before posting.

Can you travel?

Yes, we accept photographic services anywhere in Italy and abroad. Travel costs are included in our quote.