Jewish Wedding Taormina _Sicily_timeo_belmond_etna

Jewish Wedding Taormina – Let’s get married! Owain and Samantha

1 December 2017 Wedding

Jewish Wedding Taormina – Owain and Samantha celebrated their wedding in Taormina, a true corner of paradise, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It was an unforgettable day and it was a true pleasure for me to be their wedding photographer.

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San Domenico Palace Taormina _wedding_photographer_photo_pictures_top_famous_best_elegant_chic_cake_amazing_sicily_magic_moonlight_terrace_love_video_videographer_hotel_church

San Domenico Palace Taormina – Moonlight Wedding

17 November 2017 Wedding

San Domenico Palace Taormina – Antonella and Ryan from New York elected Taormina as their own special place, because they love Italy and to honour their Italian families. They chose the antique and prestigious San Domenico Hotel in Taormina for their getting ready and wedding party.

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Fireworks – Villa Sant’Andrea

10 November 2017 Uncategorized

Fireworks – The strong sicilian sun shining and the blue sea have completely seduced Joe and Janan. So they choose Taormina to celebrate their wonderful wedding. They got married in the Curch of Varò, a gorgeous church hidden among the attractive alleys of Taormina

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Country Chic Wedding _Noto_Sicily_Catania_country_happy_best_wedding_photographer_photography

Country Chic Wedding! Erin and Scott

4 November 2017 Wedding

Country Chic Wedding for Erin and Scott! Both in love with Sicily, they choose the Sicilian villa of Erin’s parents, a gorgeous farmhouse in the middle of the blooming countryside of Siracusa. A corner of true paradise for Erin and Scott’s wedding!

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Intimate wedding Villa Sant’Andrea Taormina

Intimate wedding Villa Sant’’Andrea Taormina – Summer Wedding, Jasmine and Matthew

22 February 2017 Wedding

Intimate wedding Villa Sant’’Andrea Taormina was exactly what Jasmine and Matthew wanted to do, since they have decided to get married. Therefore, they chose Taormina to celebrate their wonderful wedding. Jasmine got ready at the Hotel Villa Sant’’Andrea, together with her gorgeous mother and the beautiful bridemaids.

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Country Chic wedding Siracusa

Country Chic wedding Siracusa – Shabby Chic Wedding! Gemma and Sean

27 January 2017 Wedding

Country Chic wedding Siracusa – Gemma and Sean are both in love with Italy, so it was so natural to get married in Sicily, especially in the big villa of Sean’’s family. A typical Sicilian farmhouse in the countryside of Siracusa, that Sean’s parents changed into a gorgeous villa, a corner of true paradise!

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Romantic wedding Timeo Taormina

Romantic wedding Timeo Taormina– – Alana e Iain

13 January 2017 Wedding

Romantic wedding Timeo Taormina – A beautiful wedding, Alana and Iain Romantic wedding Timeo Taormina – Alana and Iain chose Italy, the most romantic country in the world, for their wedding day and they got married in Taormina, one of the most beautiful and magic places in Italy. The wedding couple got ready in the Grand Hotel Timeo and celebrated the wedding ceremony “en plein air”.

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The big day Villa Sant'Andrea Taormina _Matrimonio Villa Sant’Andrea Taormina _fotografo_videografo_video_mare_spiaggia_san Giuseppe_bravo_migliore_marco_ficili

The big day Villa Sant’Andrea Taormina

30 April 2016 Wedding

The big day Villa Sant’Andrea Taormina is a corner of true paradise, nestling on the gorgeous bay of Taormina.
It’s the magic venue of wonderful weddings, celebrated on the beach or underneath the shadow of a beautiful garden. A unique and elegant venue. The perfect place for your Big Day!

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Dream Weddings Grand Hotel Timeo Taormina _wedding_photographer_best_matrimonio_fotografo_taormina_italy _timeo_teatro_greco_marco_ficili

Dream Weddings Grand Hotel Timeo Taormina

27 April 2016 Wedding

Dream Weddings Grand Hotel Timeo Taormina is a magic venue, a diamond set between the sea and the volcano. A silent and precious witness of Dream Weddings, a unique corner of true paradise underneath a gorgeous sky, amongst luxuriant gardens and awesome terraces!

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Wedding Varò Taormina _fotografo_photographer_wedding_caparena_varò_hotel_sea_best_migliore_bravo_matrimonio_marco_ficili

Wedding Varò Taormina – I love you! Glenda and Antonio

16 April 2016 Wedding

Wedding Varò Taormina was the Big Day of Glenda and Antonio. They have chosen Taormina to celebrate their wedding with family and friends.

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Taormina Videographer _photographer_wedding_taormina_sicily_italy_hotel_timeo_best_dancing_moon_light_marco_ficili

Taormina Videographer – Let’s dance! Aleks and Sonja

2 April 2016 Wedding

Taormina Videographer of our staff Studio Marco Ficili documented the Wedding Party of Aleks and Sonja. It’s been gorgeous! The newlyweds celebrated their Big Day, dancing all night long on the beautiful Aphrodite Terrace of the Grand Hotel Timeo.

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Wedding Taormina - photographer_best_hotel_timeo_greek_theatre_sicily_italy_marco_ficili

Wedding Taormina – Magic night in Taormina, Kamilla and Robin

20 March 2016 Wedding

Wedding Taormina – A couple of years ago, Kamilla and Robin spent an unforgettable holiday in Sicily and they both fell in love with Taormina, one of the most beautiful and magic places of this stunning land. When they decided to get married, they chose Taormina to celebrate the best day of their life.

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