Lovely Family _studio_indoor_portrait_catania_best_top_photographer_photos_kids_family_pictures

Lovely Family!

10 April 2017 Portrait

Lovely Family – The family portrait shooting of Laura, Enzo and their beautiful daughter Sara, was a burst of joy. Sara is pure energy! She loves playing, jumping and dancing and she already knows what kind of music she likes!

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Portrait Photos Taormina _Greek_Theatre

Portrait Photos Taormina – Let’s celebrate!

2 September 2016 Portrait

Portrait Photos Taormina – Amanda chose Sicily to celebrate her mother’s birthday and Marco Ficili Photographer to capture an unforgettable day! Taormina, as their holiday destination in Italy, with the antique Greek Theater and the Grand Hotel Timeo were the amazing scenery of their happy walk!

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Photographer Catania _best_portrait_family_kids_Famous_

Photographer Catania – Kiril & Family

24 August 2016 Portrait

Photographer Catania – Kiril and his family chose Sicily, as their holiday destination in Italy. Excited about our country and about the opportunity to spend their Summer holidays together, they decided to get a photographic shooting while visiting Catania, a timeless charm, baroque city, full of history

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Portrait Pictures Greek Theater Taormina photographer

Portrait Pictures Greek Theater Taormina – Wedding Anniversay: In & Out the Greek Theater

9 August 2016 Portrait

Portrait Pictures Greek Theater Taormina – Hamille and John have spent their 10th Wedding Anniversary in Sicily and when they arrived in Taormina, they were soon fascinated by the antique Greek Theater.

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Photographer Pregnancy Catania – Davide and Martina

26 July 2016 Portrait

Photographer Pregnancy Catania – I’ve realized this photographic shooting of Davide and Martina while waiting for their first child. Translating into images such a strong feeling is always a big challenge that Davide and Martina have enthusiastically embraced!

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Studio Portrait Catania __teenager_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili


19 February 2016 Portrait

Studio Portrait Catania – She is a teenager of our time. She studies languages and she loves travelling. The world is her home and as any other teenager, she is connected with all social media. She loves pictures, but she was searching for a true portrait of herself, something new. Her look so austere and gloomy, but also happy and cheerful created some unique and special images, for her to share and keep.

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Family Portrait in Villa - photographer_best_Sicily_Taormina_Italy_outdoor_happy_marco_ficili

Family Portrait in Villa – A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY

13 February 2016 Senza categoria, Portrait

Family Portrait in Villa is a great idea! Because it can be realized in a Studio and on location, and it can be done everywhere, at home, in a garden, on a beautiful beach or while on holiday in a stunning villa!

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30 January 2016 Portrait

CARNIVAL PHOTO BOOTH – I’ve changed the typical Carnival pictures into a modern, unconventional and cheerful Carnival Photo Booth with lots of ladybirds, clowns and Minnie Mouse! The Carnival photo shooting was an excellent chance to meet those customers who wanted a modern Carnival portrait!

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Pregnancy Photographer Catania _portrait_love_ritratto_bay_pregnant_family_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili

Lovely Laura

4 January 2016 Portrait

Pregnancy Photographer Catania – I took some pictures of Laura while she was expecting her daughter. A gallery of intimate, modern and lovely pregnancy portraits. It was a special occasion for Laura to get a memory of a wonderful and unique moment.

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Family Portrait Photographer Catania _allegro_divertente_bello _marco_ficili_001-

I Love My Family

26 December 2015 Portrait

Family Portrait Photographer Catania -This is exactly what Erika and Ernesto wanted for their beautiful family. Their family portrait shooting was a burst of joy, vitality and beauty. They love playing, creating and they just love challenges! Erika and Ernesto had been thinking about a professional family portrait for quite a long time. They didn’t want the usual “nice” and posed family portrait.

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Family Photoshoot _studio_ritratto_bimbi_bambino_famiglia_nonni_catania_bianco_nero_glamour_migliore_bravo_professionale_fotografo_marco_ficili

Family Photoshoot

29 November 2015 Portrait

Family Photoshoot – Salvatore and Renata wanted a gift for their family and for grandpa and grandma, a never ending memory: a family portrait. They didn’t want a posed family portrait. They wanted a free and joyful picture of them showing their true attitude.

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Portrait Photographer Catania _model_picture_family_photographer_best_fotografo_marco_ficili

Blue Eyes

18 October 2015 Portrait

Portrait Photographer Catania – Chiara was searching for some beautiful images of herself, a real portrait to be shared on social media, to be attached to her curriculum and for her artistic career as a young actress.

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